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About us...

We are creators of custom accounting, integrated member management, employee and event management, point of sale and special utility software products for the club industry including country clubs, golf clubs, dinner clubs, yacht clubs, boat clubs, tennis clubs, riding clubs, shooting clubs, fraternal clubs -- virtually any member or customer-oriented organization or facility.

Our history...

For nearly sixty years, golf clubs, country clubs and other organizations have used Club Data's software products and support services to process and manage their valuable customer data, sales transactions and financial reporting. Our software is in use at private, semi-private, public and municipal facilities across our fantastic country from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It's software made here in America for America!

We are closing our doors

With the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected so many Americans as well as businesses, we have ourselves fallen to its effects. We have decided we can no longer operate our company in a manner that makes any business sense, and we have therefore decided to close our doors. It has been a wonderful ride, and we're ever so appreciative of the hundreds of customers and thousands of users of our services and our software for the past 52 years. Thank you.

We will cease support services on March 31st of this year, and we plan to keep the web site running for a few months after that to give users plenty of time to update their systems with the last version of Club Office software. You are free to use it for as long as you wish as it will not expire. However, we cannot expand your systems any longer and install the software on any new computers, including Windows 11 updated machine. Therefore, if you wish to keep using Club Office or retain it for lookups after you replace it with something else, it's our suggestion that you keep at least one of the machine(s) that you currently use for Club Office so that it will run. The software will not be updated for Windows 11 or later versions of Microsoft Windows.

The source code for all Club Office software is available for purchase should you wish to find your own programmers and keep it running, change it or expand it. Contact us for information.

The CLUBDATA.COM web domain is also available for purchase insofar as we will no longer need it nor maintain it. Note that only the domain is available; the web site itself is not.

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